Yoga Cleansing Retreat Adventures
Maui and Kona, Hawaii
Byron Bay, Australia
retreat adventures in paradise

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Rejuvenation Adventure Re'TREATS'
Maui , South Kona, Hawaii
Byron Bay, Australia

Are you ready to have an experience
not just a vacation?

Cleansing and Rejuvenation is our focus as our environment is sick and tired and so are we. Our bodies and minds reflect what is in our food, our air, water and soil. These are the main reasons that humans are experiencing 'ill health' 'tired bodies and minds' and emotional roller coasters. We can do something about it and we aim to do that here while enjoying life to the fullest in the out-of-doors in some of the best that Mother Nature has to offer; from turtles, whales, dolphins to world class surfing and windsurfing and kiting to deep spiritual traditions, places and people! And for those who can't quite make it across the water, you can now join us in the mountains above San Diego, CA. for some of our HIKING & REJUVENATION Retreats.

We offer 3 types of 'retreats' - all with an underlying focus on homegrown, organic, healthy Food (or 'no food' for fast track to releasing chronic pains and issues) and a Detoxifying Lifestyle. We have searched the world over and either sourced on Maui or from abroad, the best products and or techniques that assist you in your fast track to clearing out the old and rebuilding for the new, while having FUN.

Add our 'Sports Package' and really have some fun! Gain strength and new skills or advance the ones you have. You can add 1) surfing 2) stand-up paddling 3) windsurfing 4) kite boarding 5) mountain biking 6) horse-back riding

And for those who would like the most peaceful, gorgeous, healing environment for taking some time out on your own, we also offer a 'do-it-yourself retreat'. We provide daily juices, smoothies and raw goodies and stay in your accommodation and choose between 1 or 3 or our daily offerings to partake in, in advance, or not.

With the RAW CLEANSE WEEK or our San Diego 3 Day kickstart with Raw and Juicy Retreat, we teach you 'How to Eat', and the best ways and means to 'eliminate' all that backed up gunk, sometimes from years ago, buried deep inside. We assist you to begin to get past the large intestine and to start cleaning out the small intestine, where most of what ails us starts. From parasites who live on the dead matter in there, caked to the walls, not allowing much absorption to pharmaceutical chemicals buried in layers under all the old food matter. Start to feel better in just 3 days, as this is how long it takes to clear out the old matter just sitting in the large intestine.

Our minimum program is 3 days with 7 days being our average stay but of course the longer you stay the more Results you can expect ! Please go to MAUI Retreat for details and to Pricing page for rates. Or go to this site for San Diego Spiritual Retreat Center information.

Some of the RESULTS you can expect,
whether you spend a few hours with us or a week!

Lose inches and limiting beliefs

Sleep an hour or two less per night,

Double your energy during waking hours,

Clear the cobwebs from your mind

See your dream
enjoy the confidence to act upon it
with renewed vigor
that will not end when you leave


We love to answer any question you may have, so please feel free to give us a call, either by phone or by SKYPE: HappyWahine

To see what is specifically offered in each retreat and program offered, go to location it is offered in and find out all the details. You can visit Maui or the Big Island or San Diego, CA...

... and go to PRICING for costs of 3, 5, 7, 10 day retreats. All rates and charges are subject to Hawaii State and hotel taxes, currently 13.2%

BE-ing ALIVE in a tropical PARADISE
or a Mountain PARADISE

With Love and Aloha Blessings,


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Bow Pose at Kaulapapa, Moloka'i

Re'Treat' yourself in Paradise Locations
Maui, Hawaii
Kona, Hawaii
Byron Bay, Australia
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Phone: 808.344.9270
P.O. BOX 791353 Pā‘ia, Maui HI 96779
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