Yoga Cleansing Retreat Adventures
Maui and Kona, Hawaii
Byron Bay, Australia
retreat adventures in paradise



Maui Retreats


Raw N Juicing Cleansing
Hybrid Diet Change

good introduction to raw & superfoods and a light cleanse

Surf N Yoga Retreat
Fun Strengthening Adventure

High 'non-meat' proteins & superfoods

Sports specific stretching and breathing

Wild Dolphin Adventure
on 2 islands

Maui and Big Island of Hawai'i -
see below

'Stay-cation' Health Coaching retreat at home

Individualized program - Daily or weekly

recipes & coaching via email, phone or skype

Check out below what is included in your re"TREAT"
and go to PRICING page for more details


Stay on the beautiful NorthShore of Maui where
jungles and waterfalls abound
for great
Outdoor Adventures

Hike, bike, swim, snorkel, surf, dance


Yoga Movement

oxygenating from head to toe
to detoxify...
taking from many forms, such as
Kundalini, Bikram, Tibetan Rites, depending upon YOU !

Meditate and Contemplate
in the best place on Earth;
in Nature


Organic Juices and Raw Food Daily + Education
"food and nutrition
as a killer and a healer"
Food Prep classes
How to shop classes

Empty and cleanse
the digestive system
liver & kidneys
with specially prepared raw and herbal nutrition.
Feel calmer, lighter, and stronger
in just a few days.


Awakening Therapies
Assists with emotional and
mental DETOX too!

massage, aroma, sound, holographic repatterning, rebirthing, conscious communication techniques

Clean out your large intestine daily
with our in-house gentle
Colonic Hydrotherapy
clean out your 'gut' and clean up 75% of your bodily complaints
Liver, kidney and Parasite cleanse daily regimen




Relax in one of our hammocks

We Pick fresh coconuts for you
and begin each day with the juice from the young ones, as they contain the most healing nutrients of almost any fluid on the planet
and very ALKALINE !



You join a network

of like-minded folks and we all stay in touch via email and phone and newsletter.

Lifestyle Support

Once you leave, we provide lifestyle coaching by phone, email, Skype. Included in your stay with us is 2 week of 'integration coaching', to assist you at home.



Go to pricing for cost details.


This is being updated as we now utilize a number of locations, based on your desires. Maybe you want to stay at our ocean retreat B & B or in our jungle studio in Haiku.

Please advise us in your email or phone call to us, what your preference is.

Paradise Locations -
Maui Hawaii, Kona Big Isle, Hawaii, Byron Bay Australia

GO TO PRICING for cost details

We also offer the FULL MOON WEEK - where we add the pristine waters of south Kona to our journey for communing with our cetacean friends - the spinner dolphins and in winter, the humpback whales.

Land on Maui first, at our peaceful northshore location, noted above. We get you Detoxified and vibrating higher, readying our bodies and minds for the rejuvenating swimming adventure on Big Island of Hawaii. Add 3 days to your 5 or 7 days on Maui.

Go to pricing for cost details.

we fly you to Big Island

Light Journey Retreats

whales and dolphins abound

Your Adventure Awaits You

Please call
all photos taken by
contact Laurel
Phone: 808.344.9270
P.O. BOX 791353 Pā‘ia, Maui HI 96779
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