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retreat adventures in paradise
retreat adventures in paradise



Give to yourself in a Magical, Nurturing, Healing, Transformative, Grounding Place!

ABOUT Laurel in Hawai‘i:  

Nov 2004. "When I arrived at Laurel's retreat in Maui, I had just finished working for 8 months on a very meaningful but stressful, high pressure job. I knew that in order to restore my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual sense of well being, I would need more than just a vacation - I would need an amazing relaxation and detoxification yoga retreat! The 7 days I spent with Laurel in Maui were incredible and were exactly what I needed. Laurel talked to me about my goals and tailored the retreat to my needs - which were to relax, detox and refocus.

"I stayed in a beautiful loft in the jungle, near gorgeous private pools and beaches. I had the opportunity to practice Bikram yoga with an experienced teacher. I swam in the ocean and went for hikes. I completely detoxed from sugar, caffeine and alcohol. I drank a huge variety of incredible fresh juices everyday and took my love for healthy eating to a new level by focusing on raw, organic foods.

"Laurel is extremely knowledgeable about health and nutrition. And she really walks the talk and lives what she teaches. Best of all, Laurel is not judgemental but is open and accepting. Her enthusiasm for what she teaches is contagious and her positive thinking is part of the experience.The highlight of my trip, and one of the highlights of my life, was swimming with dolphins. It was so beautiful that I don't think words can do it justice. Let's just say that all my friends are jealous! After 1 week with Laurel, I was completely rejuvenated.

"I have been back in San Francisco for three weeks and I still feel the effects! I am so happy that I listened to what I needed and went on this retreat. I am again ready to conquer the world, but in a gentler and healthier way. And, Laurel will be happy to know that I am still juicing! I can't wait to come back. My two weeks here in Maui have been transformational. Originally when I came for my "retreat" it was for the purpose of getting away from my complex, busy and imbalanced life. I literally wanted to retreat and hide out. With your help, however, I got so much more out of my trip. "
- Adrienne, age 27, S.F. CA Nov 2004


Jan. 2005.   Wow, what an awesome, sensational, outstanding rejuvenating experience.   Thank you, thank you....Mary W.  


FEB. 2005.   Thank you laurel for your unbounded energy and enthusiasm for all that you do.   You have an awesome knowledge of yoga and are a great teacher.   I feel like a new person after a week of being here and have had such a lot of fun.   Bless you and may you prosper.   Diana, age 56, London, U.K.


March 2005.   "Your expertise and guidance has been motivating and enlightening.   I find myself excited to continue what I have awakened to - a more peaceful, true life....I am leaving to go home today feeling more alive than I can remember.   I feel AMAZING !   Erin, age 37, MN


March 2005.   Wow, this has been exactly what my soul ordered...Thanks so much for a trip I'll never ever ever forget !   Gina, L.A. age 24


March 2005.   In five days of being here, I cannot believe the change in me.   I feel better right now than I have in almost two years.   The word is "lighter"..... This journey has been life altering for me.   It can be for everyone - you just really need to want the change and enlightment with every cell of your being !   Thank you Laurel.   Char,   MA/L.A. age 47


April 2005.   What a wonderful, enlightening experience, just these few days have given me.   Kathy, age 39, Maui


June 2005.   Laurel, your love and passion for what you do is contagious.   V. B.   NYC photographer, age 33


June 2005.   Maui Light Journey is a great combination of giving and receiving.   Inhaling nature, sunlight, great nutrition - exhaling fatigue, old patterns, sweat.   Inhaling fresh perspectives, incredible beauty and new paradigms, exhaling our trips and self-imposed suffering.   D. W.   NYC journalist, age 36


July 2005.   Memories of swimming in the sea, in the precious pools and your excitement for the blessings of life fill my sails.   L.D.   Taos, NM   age 37


July 2005.   From being touched by a lovely masseuse, the experience of my first colonic a true sensation, beautiful swims at our own private beach and rinsing off in the near freshwater pools were all unique moments in the here and now.   This has been an enlightening adventure, a reminder that living in the moment, sensitive to our body and soul will open mind and spirit to the possibilities life has to offer.   G. from Germany, 60 something.


August 2005.   I've unlocked and rediscovered much during my week "playing" in this world, only to walk away with more joy, appreciation of who I "really" am, and the ability to have clarity in owning my power, standing strong in my space in this world.   You are a true healing goddess, playful, passionate and caring....Thank you for all the gifts of being - - I feel fantastic !   Cindy P.   S.F.   age 38


August 2005.   Thank you Laurel,   for getting me started.   I made the right choice in coming here.   This experience and the beautiful people I have met here have inspired me greatly.   David B. from SF   age 41


August 2005.   I don't think I have ever learned as much about myself in a week as I have here on Maui/Kona.   Thank you, Laurel.   Love, light and laughter to you.   Andre K. from LA, age 41


October 2005.   Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me take this big leap into a whole new level of health and wellness.   During the Maui week and the trip to kona, you have been a loving guide and teacher.....i am released of so many, many blocks and toxins and negative patterns.   I feel 20 lbs. lighter !    You are special and a true teacher.   Cindy K. Denver, CO   age 38


November   2005.   What a difference seven days can make...right into the ocean we went ! ...the juices were delicious, the days beautiful.... I soaked up the sun, the earth, the books I found at laurel's, and, of course, laurel's wisdom....i look forward to carrying my new, more confident self back into my has been so good to so completely remove myself from everything, to take the time to breathe, ponder, and connect to my body.   All the treatments surpassed any spa.   Katie D. from S.F.   age 28


December 2005.   Thank you for everything, especially the gift of your knowledge about health in food.   I knew that with my cancer history, my life expectancy wasn't good unless I radically changed my lifestyle and "purified the prayer" of my body.   I knew I couldn't do it by myself.   You have made it a joyful journey and I go home with so many tools.   You were the perfect person to move me into the next healthy twenty years.   Eliza P., MA, age 60 something.


December 2005.   Thank you for an amazing start to my "cleansing vacation".   You provided me with structure and inspiration, and now I'm able to keep the spirit alive on my own.   Lillian L. from L.A. age 32


March 2006. You are an inspiration. C. G. & P. G. couple from Florida in their 40's.


April/May 2006.   The only complaint I have is....there's not enough paper in this book to express everything that you have given me during my stay here.   Sherry W. from NYC age 33


June 2006.   Thank you Laurel~you've been very welcoming, warm, friendly and informative.   Your place is superb, a very high quality retreat! Quite an adventure being here !   Michael G. from SF, age 44


June 2006.   I feel so blessed to have met you and been able to have this wonderful (full 'o wonder) time with you on Maui.   You are an angel.   S.K.   from S.F.   age 43


August 2006. This stay at your place and on other islands under your guidance have all been a blissful experience. Re-connecting with Mother Nature has been a healing experience. Doing all sorts of things wich I normally don't do have proved to be valuable. Even if I still have a stiff body, the cleansing diet and your approach on food have showed me a new way of feeding and taking care of my body......Thank You again for introducing me to your dolphin friends. That was too an amazing encounter ! Showing me all the little secret places you know have given an adventurous touch to this journey and all in all, I can truly say today I feel more in aliganment with my higher self.....I'm eager to see what comes next in the coming months, as fears, ego and old patterns are quickly dissolving.....soIi want to truly say to you thank you for bringing all that together. Improving my communication skills and speaking up my truth with you was also really a magnificent healing. .....Mahalo, Alexis from Switzerland, age 30

November 2006. I knew from our first phone conversation that I could come to Maui and hang out with you and feel good about it.....You have opened my eyes and heart to many things. Things that I know are critical to true living......This has indeed been the longest stretch of time that I have enjoyed with nothing toxic in my body. It really feels amazing. I won't take it lightly and I will never forget. The intention and action that you have put forth to me and that you put into everything and everyone you encounter is truly a gift, and what goes around comes enjoy ! Thank you so much for being my guru and my buddy. Surfing was awesome....Mahalo and Aloha for now goddess Woman ! Anna. from San Diego, age 33


March 2007. To my Green power Sister ! What a joy to meet you and share our common vision for our children and our planet ! I am looking forward to our journey togeter. You are such a divine spark and Goddess ! thank you for sharing with us. .......I am re-charged and ready to take on the those fossil fuels :-) Susan from Big Island.


April 2007. To Laurel and Joao ~ "2 beautiful spirits with amazing energy and light"......I feel extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to experience this past week with your love and guidance. The transitions and challenges that presented themselves were in part overcome by your immense love and energy.........I am forever grateful to have you as my guiede. You both have opened my eyes to new realms of possibilities over these past 7 days. Awareness I will take with me........As I leave to go back to the mainland, I feel a new sense of inspiration. With love and light (much gratitude) Cathy from L.A., CA. age 34


May 2007. This has been a very awesome time. I have met so many beautiful people. They say we attract what we are. I'm so glad I came.
The dolphins, plain and siple wer so beautiful they touched my soul. I have indeed been vlessed.......Needless to say I've lost a lot of stuff my insides needed to release. Thanks so much. I'll keep doing what I've learned when I get home........I learned taking care of me is so easy and I am never too old to learn.......Peggy Shella Gehrke (Moody) from Prescott Valley, AZ. age 75, who ushered 12,000 people to their seats, in 6 hour shifts, for the Dalai Lama when he visited.


May 2007. I came from Micronesia where I live. I came to spend some time in Hawaii and ended up spending some days with Laurel. I needed to re-charge my batteries, stretch, have some days off the coffee and beer. I got a little taste of what she provides to her guests. She will spoil you and she knows how to do it. the food was the best I have ever tasted in my life. After 2 or 3 days I felt more energy, not as hungry and really alive, ready to go.....If i could only cook like that! I am going back to Oahu today with a total new perspective of how to eat healthy and the difference it can make in your life. Thank you Laurel !
Allois from Micronesia, age 44.


June 2007. I will always remember this trip for many, many lifetimes. the space and your kindness and loving heart ~ truly embarked a feeling of bliss during my stay here. Thank you so much for your guidance and our journey to Lanai. Swimming with dolphins was a magical experience. And our laughter and music and sleeping under the stars. I hope we have many more fun and exciting adventures together. Michelle from Whistler, B.C. Canada, age 30


August 2007. Words cannot describe how I feel. When I arrived I was toxic and I couldn't decide on anything. The cleanse that you and I shared was the brought us clarity, peace and a new understanding of our existence (and clean intestines, liver and kidneys)......I feel reborn. I could face any fear because your warrior goddess instincts rubbed off onto me. My favorite part of our adventures was snorkeling and going to swim in the pools and waterfalls. Thank you for nurturing me and caring for me like you did. Maui is truly a healing island. Our newly awakened perspecitve on life will change the world, expcecially your way of thinking. Cleansing is the only thing that can change their thinking. Your retreat, your loving way, the cleanse, our yoga classes and swims in the oceans and Maui changed my life forever. I am so excited to start my new life. I not only gained enlightenment, I gained a sister. I love you. Namaste and Mahalo, Dani from NY, age 30

p.s. I also must say that the colonic treatments that you offer ARE THE BEST !
THE ULTIMATE !! The enemas especially the coffee one, release bile, gall bladder balls, liver cleanse and a total rejuvenation. I was not even digesting the food I have been eating, I was clogged. I was headed for a slow death and massive amounts of health problems. I have always struggled with my weight. I would gain weight looking at food! That was becasue my liver, kidneys and gall bladder were clogged and highly toxic ! I flushed and cleansed all my organs with SEAWATER. AMAZING !! I even got rid of mucoid plaque that I have had since I was a child. Now I have lost a total of 10 lbs and I feel fabulous, clear and ready for my new life.


August 24, 2007....D.D. from Berkeley, who finished a 2 week SEAWATER FAST. "I feel clear and phenomenally energized to take back my health and life path.....I'm so excited about the possibliites that arise from being clear, connected and vibrantly healthy." .......age 37 female


September 22, 2007.......from a woman who is a mother of 2, age 50, local business owner and full time wife and mother who has never really taken time out for herself, who completed 3 weeks of the SEAWATER FAST !........"what a true inspiration you have always been for me, as a woman who lives and breathes her truth". ......" I feel better than I have in many years and I haven't had a migraine for 2 weeks !" ....."it's good to put myself first and take care of me. It's also been good for my children to see me taking care of myself. It's always been easy taking care of others. Saying "YES" to myself has been a huge journey in itself."


March '08.......from a woman in her 60's and famous artist from the U.S. East Coast who came to partake in the SEAWATER CLEANSE. "You are on a magnificent mission radiating out God's love and power."


April '08......from a young woman who came to stay as a guest in our 'temple'. " Thank you for providing this beautiful temple".


April '08.........from young women in their 30's, from B.C. Canada, taking a very needed 'time-out' for 10 days with us. They praised our therapists on staff (masseuse, colonic therapist, raw food chef) and had this more to say, "my inner calling guided me here and I feel reawakened and remember who I really am, from deep within and refreshed to begin again. I will be back !"


April '08.......from the 'enlightened concierge'
"the cleanse has been remarkable. I've been cleansing, fasting and facilitating people through cleanses for more than 5 years and am most impressed with the SEAWATER CLEANSE and it's healing properties!"


May '08.......Ms. T.B., Vancouver, BC, age 47
Rejuvenating, peaceful and EXACTLY what I needed.  
LOVED the location and the setting.  
Laurel is a wonderful resource on health and wellness…I’ll be back!


May '08 ......... “Laurel is a wealth of knowledge re: health and wellness. She practices what she preaches and was instrumental in helping me see how to live healthier and in turn happier.” AW, Vancouver, Female, 30


June '08 ........ " Laurel, you are an inspiration, truly an enlightened spirit. Your light is bold filled with genuine warmth and radiance that cannot be ignored. The reminders and advocations through how you live your life have taught me plenty by bringing my awareness into actions. I have broken patterns and created new mantras. This spiritual behaviorism is utterly effective and I am forever appreciative. Also, you have taught me how to sprout, to grow and cultivate food that lives up to the point of consumption. Before our meeting, I had not tended to my seeds and neglected them through methods of avoidance or fixating on the surface. Ihave learned that growing takes patience and nurturance, something that I have seeked for myself, but never put subsequent efforts into, until now. Mahalo nui loa Laurel for enabling such an amazing experience.
Ms. S.L.D. San Diego/Oahu, age 25


June '08 ........." I highly recommend this cleanse and purification program to anyone and everyone who desires to overcome disease and rudeuced life force. In just 12 days I have seen major changes in my body and a disappearance of dysfunctions that have been plaguing me for years"...... M.B. from Kona, Hawai'i. Age 50ish.


Aug '08 ...... " Doing such a thorough cleanse would have been extremely difficult in any other setting and I can't imagine how much more challenging had you not been here to help guide us....(re: our team member, Lunara) Ms. M. from B.C. Canada, age 28


Aug '08 ..... "You showed us the side of Maui that few see and it was all so beautiful,l magestive and completely opened my heart and soul." .....(re: our team member, Lunara) Ms. C. from B.C. Canada, age 25


Aug '08 ..... "This is a magical plave you've provided me" ..... "I feel extraordinary, healthy, more in love with myself than i have ever felt before." .... Ms. I from B.C. Canada, age 32


Sept '08 ...... " thank you for your goodness, kindness and light to melp me find my center and power" ..... Mr. M from L.A. CA, age 40


Oct '08 ..... "your hospitality has given me a gift of an incredible feeling of peace; renewed peace ..... " Ms. K from White Rock, B.C. Canada


Nov. '08 ...... " you treated me and nourished me well" ..... Ms. S from W. Virginia


Dec. '08 .... "The most important thing I learned is to slow down. This is so obvious in the way you prepare food. I am taking the calm and serenity I have found into the rest of my life." .... Ms. F. C. from Kihei, Maui, age 64


Dec. '08 .... "thank you for all you shared with me. Yoga, food, sauna and soul exchange" .... Ms. Birgitta from Germany, age 39


Jan. '09 .... "Thank you for helping me making it through my first fast/cleanse. You are an amazing lady with so much to offer. I learned so much form you while on my stay. I felt pampered and taken care of, your cooking is a 5 star health protocol, especially your soups, use of sprouted legumes and magnificent avocado dip. ...... my body feels so clean from the inside - thanks" .... Ms. S. from Salt Lake City, UT


Feb. '09 .... "The Cleanse, it's remarkable ! If any visitors are reading this without being on the cleanse all I can say is GET ON IT !" "P.S. "I'll be back" and she was in June '09.
Ms. S, London, U.K. age 40


Mar. '09 .... "It has been a very educational week.....You are doing a great job for people and long may it continue"
Ms. A, London, U.K. age 48


April. '09 .... "It was my second time to see you and "drink in" the enlightening and VERY significant learning. You are a gifted healer and teacher. I am a very different person since arriving 13 days ago."
Ms. C.K., Denver, CO, age 36


April '09 .... "A thousand mahalos for your efforts in changing the way I will eat from now on."
Mr. M. A., Byron Bay, Australia. Age 59


May "09 . . ." Knowledgeable support is essential for a successful cleanse or fast. Lahela provides this support while giving the necessary space to each client for exploring what is going on for them.

After the third or fourth day I began to see and feel drastic improvements in my body. This was motivation to continue.

By the time I came off the fast, I knew that the "cleansing" aspect would be a part of my everyday life.  I now look at food as support for the body and its functions rather than fuel for the body.  

I am so glad that I went on this journey and that Lahela was my guide.  She was an expert and a friend! The benefits of this cleanse continue to have a positive effect on my life.
Ms. S.P. from Waimea, Hawai'i, age 50


July '09 . . . "I never thought I would have so much _ _ _ _ literally stored up. It's been a real eye opener".
S.D., Maui. age 41

ABOUT LYN RUMING in Australia:  

"Thank you for your love, compassion, support and understanding. You make the space very safe for my healing. You are truly a gift in my life."
- Tony, April 2005


"It is a pleasure to be invited to share in Lyn's world. Her natural grace, beauty, sense of humour, joy in living and attunement with nature is a delight to witness. Her knowledge of the Mayan Calendar and love of nature enables her to guide
those who enter her would into a peaceful place within themselves. Her innate wisdom and caring enables those who stay with her, to heal in such a natural way that it may seem effortless. She is a true sea goddess."
- Kalina Rose, May 2005


"The few days I spent with Lyn helped me realise that when we are living in a beautiful environment, we are being surrounded by constant inspiration. I was nurtured in feminine elegance and our daily visits to the ocean reminded me of the importance to be in touch with my own sensuality. It has helped me reconnect with my own Goddess inside and she is still with me in Sydney, even on my busiest days at work. Thank you Lyn for helping me reignite my heart and get some perspective on what is truly important."
- Laure, June 2005


"Your unconditional love, ease and grace brought out the goddess in me. You are most amazing. Thank you for your support and kindness."
- Susan July, 2005






Light Journey Cleansing Re'treat'
"Awakening to our fullest potential"

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Phone: 808.344.9270
P.O. BOX 791353 Pā‘ia, Maui HI 96779
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