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retreat adventures in paradise
retreat adventures in paradise

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Water Purification

Be environmentally friendly. Never buy another plastic water bottle again and reduce, re-use, recycle !!
Buy one bottle for LIFE, filtering your water with every sip.
Alkalize your water from your TO GO water bottle.
Filter your water of all harmful contaminants - even from a river, with just your water bottle.
I've sourced many Alkalizers, but this one is best VALUE i've found yet, for the size, price and what it does


Sacred Clay

Amazing new discovery that really pulls heavy metals from tissues and a plethora of other benefits. Order from here and get a 2 week FREE supply


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Ergo Cleanse
in a Suitcase

FINALLY! Colon Cleansing is easy.
Finally it's comfortable.
Finally it's private.
Finally it's portable!


Far-Infrared Sauna

We offer sessions in Ha'iku at our Mini-Retreat House or you
you can purchase your own. See website for purchase. Call to arrange sessions @ $20 or @$15 for 6 sessions. You can also purchase your own. Go to this website and mention Laurel sent you and receive a discount.


Book on CD:
"Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry"

by Elaine Hollingsworth
Director Hippocrates Health Centre of Australia A DO’S and DON’TS encyclopedia of health products and knowledge. A must for any family. To see more of what is in book, go to Elaine’s website, noted above.

    Price:  Book on CD  $12.00  

Vegan Inspiration
Rainbow Fusion Cuisine for Body and Spirit by Vegan Chef Todd Dacey....Foundational Vegan Recipe Collection & Lifestyle Principles. New book is here !

    book $18.00  

Frankincense Oil
from highest source available on the planet, from Oman (United Arab Emirates.) At one time plants like frankincense provided indigenous people with a great variety of uses including ceremonial worship, medicines, deodorants, dyes, cosmetics, etc            
(in dark glass bottle for preservation).  
Benefits: moves blood and qi, quickens the blood, soothes sinews, frees the flow of meridians.    Frankincense alone is best used when seeking emotional insight.

    10ml bottle $40.00  
order here

Natural Cellular Defense - Waiora
Safest - Fastest - Most Effective way to
DETOXIFY your body from heavy metals
Natural Cellular Defense (NCD) is a simple mineral made from lava with the unique ability to remove toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, and herbicides. It strengthens the bodies immune system, balances the PH naturally as it cleans and detoxifies. Then, THE BODY HEALS ITSELF.   Gabriel Cousens, M.D. calls NCD "An Alchemical Gift from God."  Dr. Cousens says it's the best product he's used in 35 years as a holistic doctor.

    $35 per 15 ml bottle  
    $60 per 1 Fl oz ( (approx 600 drops lasting 1 to 3 months)  

Young LIving Essential Oils

Essential oils were mankind's first medicine. There are 188 references to essential oils in the Bible. Essential oils are the regenerating, oxygenating, and immune defense properties of plants. They contain oxygen molecules that can penetrate cell walls assisting in detoxifying while simultaneously restoring balance to the body. Gary Young produces the highest grade essences available without high temperatures, high pressures or rapid processing during distillation, unlike many others. Check website for more detailed information on this amazing healing modality. Call Laurel to receive discount before ordering


Electromagnetic Pollution
Prevention Chips

BioPro chips for cellphones, computers, portable phones, automobiles, etc.   Educate yourself here as we are over-accumulated.   Know that parts of Europe ban cell phone usage for kids!
Finally, the technology has arrived. Real Electro Magnetic Frequency Protection. If you use a phone at home or a mobile one, or if you drive a car, this is info you need to read about and get yourself the products to put ON YOUR PHONES and CAR. And I don't mean the "blockers" and "shields" that we've been bamboozled into buying before. Today we are the products of being blasted by all the technology around us. There are ways to protect ourselves and to help increase our vibratory rate which means the immune system can take over and do its job. Don't be an ostrich, be a discoverer, of all the information that is available. You can have Control over your own life! Believe it or not!! Come stay with us on Maui and truly become a believer.


Crystal Bowls

How Crystal Bowls Energize, Heal, and Empower You...From The Inside Out!

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Organic Hawaiian Grown Pure Mushroom Powder

A powerful oxygenator to the cells to help the body heal faster. I find it necessary in today's environment to keep fortified against all the toxins. Definitely increases energy.

    $40.00 per bottle 90 caps 525 mg  
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Retreat Adventures in Paradise Retreat Adventures in Paradise Retreat Adventures in Paradise Retreat Adventures in Paradise Retreat Adventures in Paradise Retreat Adventures in Paradise Retreat Adventures in Paradise