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Our Offerings are:

Seawater Cleansing 2 Weeks - for Real Change, Fast

Raw N Juicing Cleansing - Hybrid Diet Change

Surf N Yoga Retreat - Fun Strengthening Adventure

Wild Dolphin Adventure on 2 islands - see below

'Stay-cation' Health Coaching - retreat at home

Raw N Juice
Surf N Yoga

1 person
2 persons
3 DAYS: Maui 2 nights, 3 days
5 DAYS: Maui 4 nights, 5 days
7 DAYS: Maui 6 nights, 7 days
Bring a Friend/Partner     receive discount

For Surf N Yoga Package, add $200/week/person


Accommodation Private Bath/Private Room/ Qbed/
Meals Garden Fresh Organic food/juices/herbal teas/soups
Seawater Ionic Trace Minerals imbibed daily for cellular regeneration and flushing small intestinal tract
Daily yoga hatha yoga therapy
Daily outdoor adventure connect with Mother Nature; ocean/waterfalls
Food and nutrition education Recipes/alkalizing the gut/daily plans for home
Lifestyle Coaching Belief Systems & Awareness Training
Meet n Greet We meet and great you with lei, coconut water and we head to the beach for SeaWater Initiation !!
Post Cleanse coaching by phone/email - for as long as you need it !

Cleansing Therapies
Important to maximize your Cleansing Results
Average $100 per session, ranging from 1 to 2 hours each

Colonic Hydrotherapy in - house - 48 hrs notice required
Massage Therapy
Hawaiian Lomilomi, sports, cranio-sacral, lymphatic & more
move out toxins & be nurtured
Additional Therapies

Energy, Sound, Reflexology, Hypnosis and more .... Just ask for more! Cuz you're worth it, and now's the time and place !
Transportation Due to rising costs here, we no longer provide transportation. Ask for referrals. Rental car Cost is approximately $150/week.

Seawater Cleanse - 2 weeks

add $600 to your TOTAL STAY cost
and get the most profound results of any program
in the world, that 'sticks'.
Dr. Robert Young charges $15,000/week for this !

give you:
RELEASE ALL THAT YOU EVER ATE...Why is this important?
Feeling sluggish? Do you have gut problems? Did you know Colon Cancer is on the rise?
This cleanse takes out the parasites and worms and emotions that went in over the years that are stuck in the tissues causing all kinds of problems from auto-immune dis-ease to fuzzy mental processes to lack of physical energy and a myriad of other health issues, that typically stumps the medical doctors, saying they cannot figure out what is wrong.

This Cleanse releases profoundly what is in our way, in the most graceful and easy manner I've seen and in 2 weeks what no other program can give you! When you alkalize the body, disease cannot live or begin. It's amazingly SIMPLE to do and completely PROFOUND what it does! Even Jesus Christ spoke about it in the Bible - "EMPTY from what thou has eaten, to truly LIVE"

Just ask any of our past clients, see our testimonials

Let go of all habits, addictions, chronic disease symptoms, parasites, negative emotions, mental stress, heavy metals, and get your REAL body weight back. It puts your gut back into an alkaline mode instead of being 'over-acid', which causes 75% of what ails us. More importantly, you can absorb what you eat again, which saves you money as you don't have to eat as much anymore .

See for more info on why SEAWATER
is the best Source of Ionic Trace Minerals
and WHY we need them to stay alive and to thrive!

NEW !!

In-home, phone or online


feeling a little out of sorts?
mental clarity a little fuzzy?
energy levels all over the map?
radiation fallout, getting you down?

Guaranteed all of these will change with small, everyday changes
that I guide you through at home.
So easy that the kids can do it.
It's time to FORTIFY !!
We've been doing it for years and now we can share with you
what we've learned through experience.

It actually saves money, saves time and if you
team up with another, becomes even easier !
We know what the usual 'suspects' are and it's not
what the doctors are telling you. Learn why and what !

What's your HEALTH & WELLBEING worth
to you anyway?

If you're going to the doctor and no one can tell you what the matter is,
that is the sign that tells us what is going wrong.
Let us assist you in this world of new rules, that require new solutions.

$50 per week for a 4 Week 'Jump Start' Cleansing Lifestyle
Initial Consultation FREE

Full Moon Special with the Spinner Dolphins
2 Hawaiian Islands 7 DAYS
3 nights Maui - 3 nights Big Island

includes inter-sland airfare, accommodation, food, rental car on B.I. and dolphin excursions
includes inter-sland airfare, accommodation, food, rental car on B.I. and dolphin excursions

See respective pages
for what is included in each package.
Re"treat" packages pricing is different from other offerings

and if you just want to stay in our beautiful space on your own and create your own mini-retreat, check out our
Healthy Getaway Package.


To Make a booking . . . to secure your dates

A 50% deposit will hold your space, payable through, using a credit card.  Go to this website . Go to send money.   You need an email address to send money, and you send to our email address. (You were given that in an email sent to you previously).

Taxes: Not included in the price.
All rates and charges are subject to change. Hawaii State and hotel taxes, currently 11.4%,


Our Cancellation Policy

Hawaii is a destination location with distinct tourist seasons. Due to our unique offerings, our season is a little different than normal airplane or hotel dates. See below.
‘High season’ - Dec – Mar
Bookings made during this time period, cancellation fee is 15% of total stay fees, if cancellation is within 60 days of reservation.
'Low season' - April - June and Sept & Oct
Bookings made during this time period, cancellation fee is 10% of total stay fees, if cancellation is within 60 days of reservation.

No refunds made through PAYPAL.COM.  CHECKS mailed to cancelled reservation name and physical address.

A 10% additional fee, of total stay, is charged for the vacated space if we had to turn away new business due to previously received and confirmed reservation. If rebooked, the 10% will be returned to you, when new guest arrives to take your place.


Give to yourself in a Magical, Nurturing, Healing, Transformative, Grounding Place!


Light Journey Cleansing Re'treat'
"Awakening to our fullest potential"

contact Laurel
Phone: 808.344.9270
P.O. BOX 791353 Pā‘ia, Maui HI 96779
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