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Over the years I have noticed that at least 1/2 of the clients who visit us here on Maui, for a RETREAT, are wanting to offer the same. More and more requests were coming through to 'apprentice' with us, so we created this program.

One of my desires is to see these types of Services spread across the planet. This is more important today since we see all around us - the devastating effects of soiling our water, air, soils - hence our FOOD. So, we need to clean it up, which provides a whole new spectrum of jobs and careers too.

We have a wonderful opportunity with people 'losing' their jobs - thank goodness. Now we can get to work, in a better way. There are so many NEW JOBS being created in answer to the 'changing' world that we live in and ones better suited to our TRUE SELVES. This is important ! If we all followed our hearts - the world would be a happier place with more PEACE.

It is a good time to study something new and create a new home based business. One can get into GREEN &/or CLEAN ENERGY business, easier now and there's more demand.

We need to CLEAN UP ourSelves and the Planet. That's a lot of work hence a lot of jobs created. Soil and Water Purification is a big one. There are new techniques being discovered every day to speed up this process, since we need good food to eat, and there's less and less REAL FOOD to eat.

Come learn how to take your life back - be responsible for yourself, and stop giving your POWER away to others. We can clean up our own backyards and make a difference to our community and especially to our Children. And the Children are watching !!


We offer hands-on experiential learning in the following areas of healing and cleansing:

Infra-red sauna
Portable Colonic Unit
Juicing / Juicers
Garden: herbs, greens, citrus
Speakers night with local experts
Healthy Soils & Gardens, Composting
Physical Body Anatomy & Movement
Meditation Techniques
Breathing Techniques
Sound Therapy
Some Massage Techniques
Mental/Emotional Body Cleansing
Green Homes
ENERGY alternatives
WATER Purification/Filtration

Learn the business side of starting up and running your own 'healthy business'; ie: accounting, marketing, advertising, budgeting, as well as design and functional factors for your space




For each Re'treat' Week that we offer I accept one person as an apprentice who wants to learn how to run their own Rejuvenation Retreat, from accounting to juicing to leading groups in exchange for assistance in daily duties/activities.

The cost is $100 per day as this is an education as well as a beautiful place to stay on Maui.  This is truly for someone who is interested in this form of service.  I ask for assistance in daily duties/activities.  These may include kitchen prep and clean-up, leading hikes/excursions, house/yoga room cleaning.  I look for a willing to learn, open-minded soul who is excited to be here!  We will put you up in beautiful 4 star accommodations and you will participate in every class, adventure that we offer.  Optional services are your own cost, ie:  therapies such as massage.  Please call Laurel to request dates.


Light Journey Cleansing Re'treat'
"Awakening to our fullest potential"

contact Laurel
Phone: 808.344.9270
P.O. BOX 791353 Pā‘ia, Maui HI 96779
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