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A Message from Laurel (lahela) White


Laurel White


Aloha and E Komo Mai (Welcome). . . . . . . I believe I have found the elixir of life and want to share it with you, here in Hawai'i, and now in more locations in the world, as we need healing and rejuvenating sanctuaries amidst all the turmoil and pain and dis-ease. Well, these are my thoughts and my hopes and is my current mission. I recently landed in the mountains of San Diego, CA, just in time for Springing into Summer !

I have traveled and studied and taught extensively throughout the inner and outer world of LIFE, with many Masters and Teachers, continually putting into practice in my own life, what I learn. Creating enterprises in order to share the BLISS, From Malibu Windsurfing to Bikram Yoga Maui to Light Journey Retreats to EcoVan and Ha'iku Hot Yoga Maui.These ventures and pursuits have brought me better health, better thoughts, better lifestyle and better relationships to myself and to SPIRIT, manifesting my dreams.

Because I believe we are meant to come from LOVE and JOY and PEACE in every moment I am continually sourcing what can make that true with cutting-edge Sustainable Solutions for Healing our bodies and the Earth.

One incarnation of Creativity that I am passionate about is; Outdoor Education for our YOUTH - - Hawaiian (or any) Style ! Instilling confidence and new skills through shared projects in the garden, building alternative energy conduits, sporting activities and community service for a better tomorrow, by and for the Stewards of the Future - our Children. (see http://www.YOUTHINMOTION.ORG on Molokai). I worked with a Hawaiian mother who home-schooled her 3 children (for the early years) and a ha'ole mother who runs MOLOKAI OUTDOORS and is also raising 3 hapa children. Between both families we were raising the bar for alternative education and embarking upon a new project that can be inspiring to other young people and educating about what can be done. The youth of Moloka'i are very creative and entrepreneurial and are already making videos of their land and their voices.

My friends say that I have Abundant Energy and Happiness (when I remember to stay out of my own way) and that I truly embody a healthy and loving lifestyle they'd like to have more of. I offer this PATH to you, to inSpire and to assist in your 'Awakening to your own JOY' through our Training Programs, Retreats and Community Building Projects.

I moved to MAUI in 1999, to connect with my Hawaiian roots and Mother Nature.  After 10 years, I found my Hawaiian Ohana, 'family' and began collaboration on our new project called Kahua Ola Foundation. The focus is on Sustainable Community based on how the Hawaiians lived in 'precontact' times (with a bit of technology thrown in). We are building CLEAN ENERGY infrastructures for whole families using windmill, solar, and hydrogen technology. A big part of daily life is growing food and being aware of how we interact with the 'Aina (Mother Earth), taught to us by the best land stewards on Earth, the Hawaiians. Hence, my cleansing programs, as we are toxic and so is SHE.


I have condensed all that I've studied, experienced, and sourced into weekly and daily programs for maximum health - fast! Cuz I like to spend as much time outdoors, loving and enjoying I've created for myself what gets me there fast, and I want to share that with you! No one leaves our program without clearing out the digestive system with our fresh juice program with a liver flush or a Raw meal plan. Everyone loses weight and gains energy and clarity as a result.

The most profound CLEANSE I ever found that not only alkalizes your body but reduces or eliminates chronic problems, from allergies to diabetes is the ancient Hawaiian practice of Seawater Cleansing. I was so greatFULL to be able to offer this for the years it was available that was Now, the Big Island is the only place in the world where you can actually purchase this seawater. It is retrieved from a mile down in the ocean, off the Kona coast. You see the 'LIGHT' after you've cleaned out your whole small intestine of everything you've ever eaten. Talk about being REnewed !! It takes on new meaning.

I also assist you in the most important part which is what you put into your body (YOU are what YOU EAT) and your mind (YOUR thoughts manifest YOUR reality) after your time with us and and we assist YOU in consciously creating a new lifestyle that manifests more of your Desires for YOUR LIFE. Ask me HOW I got here; living my wildest and biggest dreams.

We use meditation, affirmations and "sound" to vibrate at a higher frequency allowing us to shatter our boundaries and insecurities.

We open the door to experience joy and freedom which is vital – and allows inner and outer nature to blend. The Nature outside provides much while we offer techniques to wake up our true Nature inside ourselves, arriving at the Bliss within.

As Deepak Chopra says, "we are victims of 'passive awareness' vs. 'active awareness'.

In your days or week or two with us we become active participants in awakening to LOVE and PEACE and JOY. These you can take home with you and practice them anywhere. Don't trust my words - go to our TESTIMONIALS and read the words by our guests.


"dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you're going to die tomorrow" ....peggy gerhke (my hanai mom) a very spritely and psychic 86 years young


2010 Dec - Earthworks Permaculture Course; Water Harvesting, Moloka'i
2009 Mar - La'au Lapa'au Hawaiian Medicinal Herbs Class, Maui, HI
2008 Sept - Hawaiian descent validated by Ho'oulu Hawaiian Data Center
June - Reiki Second Degree, Usui System of Natural Healing, Maui, HI
2008 Jan - AVATAR Wizards Course Certification
Orlando, Florida

2007 May - AVATAR Masters Course Certification
Orlando, Florida

2005 Reiki First Degree, Usui System of Natural Healing, Kauai, HI
2005 Bachelor of Divinity, Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc. In Recognition of Distinguished Achievement in Ministerial Counseling and Metapysical healing
2004 Thai Massage – "Lazy Man's Yoga"; meridiens, acupressure
Thai Massage School on Maui

1998 Touch for Health I – Energy Balancing/Muscle Testing
International Kinesiology College Switzerland
1997 Tu-Ning – Yoga Therapy – Gentle tai-chi/hatha yoga moves
with Russell Atkinson, Bellingen, Australia

1995 Bikram Yoga – 100% head to toe, skin to bone Workout
Bikram Choudhury, Yoga College Of India, California
1995 Shiatsu Massage – Acupressure points stretching
NSW School of Therapeutic Massage, Australia

** Reached the age of 50 and never felt better !
Well, and now, about to be 60 and now I'm living off the interest of what I've been putting into my 'physical and emotional bank' for decades. Thank God, as gravity starts to show and so does what I've been doing and eating. I now know how to keep my Energy up and my Immunity, as things really start to slow down. It's a whole new ballgame now.

2013 - Ha'iku Hot Yoga Maui; Creator. Shut down by County of Maui due to Politics after 6 months in operation. It was the most successful yoga studio I had ever built. I put infra-red heating panels in the room. 1st yoga studio I know of that Introduced Kombucha on tap. We were so successful it caused problems as there was not enough parking.
2008 June - Founded - Green Travel Tour across Nth. America, Bringing scientists and the YOUTH together for Today's Energy Solutions
2007 - Created 'Kahua Ola Foundation' - Maui, Hawaii
Sustainable Living Practices and Education - Clean Energy Technology
2003 - Founder of Light Journey Retreats, Maui, Hawaii
Yoga Rejuvenation Retreats - Maui, Big Isle Hawaii, Byron Bay Australia, and now San Diego, CA

2000 - Founder of Bikram Yoga Maui, Maui, Hawaii
Introduced Bikram Yoga to Maui; Pā‘ia, Lahaina studios
1999 - Kundalini Yoga & Whole Food Nutrition
World Evolution Yoga Center, Long Beach, CA

1998 to .... Yoga Business Consultant ; Maui, HI
Sedona, AZ; Whidbey Island, WA; Long Beach, CA
1995 - Founder of Yoga College Of India, Australia
Introduced Bikram Yoga to Australia

1991- National Slalom Sailboard Champion, Australia 
1981 - U.S.A. Windsurf Team – Reserve Member  
1980 - Created Malibu Windsurfing, my 1st business venture. A retail shop and teaching school. One of the 1st in the world.
1979 - B.A.  University Of the Pacific, CA 


Here's a very clear way to compose a prayer, taking care to choose your WORDS carefully: Choose to ask for a "GIFT"!
from Shoosh Ming Wa BLUE CORN GODDESS

"Please Grant me the GIFT of BEing healthy, of BEing Peace and BEing in the state of Loving Self! Being strong to change my old habits that no longer serve me! I AM choosing to respect my body with good healthy food. I AM ready to evolve to a more Loving, Peaceful and True World! I AM ready for this GIFT, NOW! With gratitude and Love in my heart!

Remember that you are creating a NEW World, RIGHT NOW! This is a time for you to awaken and take responsibility for WHO YOU TRULY ARE!
Step into your Higher Self, YOUR God Self and BE! BE conscious of that truth! It is most important for YOU to acknowledge that so you can move forward. Hold the thought and create a loose structure for the energy to gather around. See this structure as a general idea that will magnetize like pure energy. Don't worry about specifics, just hold the thought and let it evolve. This will enact your sacred contract and very quickly you will find that you are on this planet for something special....Your Purpose! "

There you have it! KNOW and it will flow!! NOW!
With LOVE n Gratitude! AHO!

contact Laurel
Phone: 808.344.9270
P.O. BOX 791353 Pā‘ia, Maui HI 96779
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