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2 ways to approach a lifestyle change with a Health Coach

Why do we need a health coach ?

75,000+ chemicals have been introduced into our environment
over the last 100 years?

Ever Wonder Why . . .
we're more tired, anxious, and find it harder to lose weight?
The rules have changed. Find out how to combat what is taking your energy and to replace it with what gives you energy and vitality and clarity.


Do you want to reduce your sugar intake and cravings?

Do you have chronic gut problems?

Do you want to manage your weight better?

Are you an athlete who wants to learn how to eat to win?

A 10 day reset with Ketopia

Groundbreaking new revolutionary information and product has been formulated to get us into KETOSIS within an hour of eating Ketopia products with Marine phytoplankton.


Health guru reveals the 10 surprising ways YOU can shed the pounds and get fit.

  • Grant Petersen is author of the best selling book - Eat Bacon, Don't Jog
  • He advocates a low-carb diet where most of the calories come from fat
  • This puts the body in a state where it burns its own fat for fuel, he says
  • Advises five-minuted bursts of intensive exercise rather than jogging

Taking our Ketopia products helps us to eat our way to losing weight and inches while reducing sugar cravings. A 10 day package provides the nutrition needed for 2 meals a day (saving you having to buy breakfast and lunch for 10 days; savings of $150?) and then you make your evening low carb meal. And guess how much a 10 day Reset program is; $150 + ship. The same cost you are saving by not making breakfast and lunch for 10 days.

This is just a kickstart to new habits when your cravings are reduced and you can start eating with renewed vigor and awareness of what to eat with all the recipes we provide you, to help keep you in ketosis.

The best part is that because we learned that low fat diets actually make us put on weight, we can eat healthy fats, whenever we want to. Eating healthy fats like; avocados, cheese and dairy, coconut oil, nuts, (meateaters please eat the fat parts) and more. Surprising? This is because our bodies need about 25-35% fats to transport valuable vitamins throughout the body. If we don't eat fat and try to reduce it, the body tries to store it for this purpose.

To start now, you can click on this LINK and order your 10 Day Ketopia Reset Program. Most people lose their sugar cravings and anywhere from 10-15 lbs in these 10 days.

When you order this you receive the following services and products for FREE, a $175 savings, from Laurel:

  1. Laurel's Ebook; The Body Garden; Dietary LIfestyle tips for a Healthy and Thriving You !!! Value $22

  2. Laurel's health coaching services - Value of $149

    1. 1 hour skype consultation for your weight management goals

    2. List of daily recipes for a low carb, high fat, protein diet

    3. Daily phone call for assistance with staying on track

Watch this video to see what Ketopia is all about :

IRIS flower

Month by month Coaching Services

What you get:

1. Copy of Ebook; The Body Garden
2. 1 hour skype consultation to create a plan to reach your dietary and health goals
3. Recipes and Food lists of what to eat and what not to; based on Dr. Mark Hyman's (Blood Sugar Solution) 10 Day Detox Diet
4. Daily 15 minute phone call to stay on track; M-F
5. Daily email with lots of health information for your lifestyle
6. 10% discount on a day retreat with us in San Diego.

Cost: $50 per week. A 4 week program. Payable in advance.
Just take a look at this VIDEO to see what a city family has created for OPTIMAL HEALTH:

Phone now for your FREE 10 minute consultation to learn what is possible for you !
Or email Laurel with questions and with your phone number and she'll give you a call, at your convenience.


A little goes a long way. 1 or 2 changes per day can make a huge difference at the end of a month. Learn why we need to DETOX even more today than ever before.

Know how to fortify yourself and to 'reset' your nervous system so you are better able to handle the ever growing toxicity of our environment. If you don't do it for yourself, do it for the children.

Learn about and do what it takes to rid the body of the worms and parasites that live in our bodies and that are making it hard to lose weight or to think clearly.

Everyone is either learning about Cleansing, starting on a Cleanse or watching someone else go through one. That's how important it is today and we're tired and not taking it anymore.

Most dis-ease and what ails us, starts in the gut... and that our mostly 'acid' condition is what causes it. Learn how to 'go alkaline' with better food choices, and mineralization to rebuild cell tissues. We guide you through Dr. Mark Hyman's 10 Day Detox Diet, which some people find difficult to do on their own.

Well it's easier than you think, to make a change and we help you get started and offer monthly support to keep you on track. Most of the answers are found in your kitchen and in your garden, for detoxing and losing weight and gaining your energy back and smiling more.

CALL OR EMAIL for FREE CONSULTATION to design a program that works into your budget and your time. Of course having the WILLPOWER to WANT to make a CHANGE is essential before any real lasting results can occur. Never hurts to try though.

Call Laurel and let's get started


Light Journey Cleansing Re'treat'
"Awakening to our fullest potential"

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