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This beautiful drawing and text was donated by Maile Getzen from Hana, Maui. It is the cover of one of her children's books.

Watch this video for visual meaning of KAHUA OLA
by Laurel

Kahua Ola was incorporated as an answer to today's problems of OVER TOXICITY and the need for PURIFICATION of our LAND, AIR, and WATER as it ends up in our bodies and minds. We are ONE !! If we look at it this way!

The SEED represents where we need to start.

The SEED grows into what we EAT.

The SEED grows into what eats up our high levels of carbon dioxide, that is killing us.

The SEED uses air and water and soil to grow.

The SEED is what brings us together, as it connects us, no matter where we are, who we are or what lives we are living. We all need good food to eat, good water to drink and good soil to heal our bodies, hence our minds.


and why they go together

How healthy is our FOOD?
How healthy is our SOIL that FOOD is grown in?
How healthy is our WATER that we use to grow our FOOD with?
And how healthy is the air that we and our plants breathe into our cells?

We know the answers and we know it's not good.

We are at the tail end of the Industrial Revolution. It has done great things for us, like bringing us efficiency in making things that help us connect and get around the planet faster. It has also done just as much bad as good, as seen in the exorbitant amounts of TOXICITY by industrializing our world. Was it worth it?

We now have to pay to fix the damage and at a time when our economy is also the un-healthiest!

And our Children are paying for it the most !!
What kind of Legacy is that from the supposed number 1 SuperPower Country in the World?

The whole picture needs PURIFICATION.



From my work in the health and sports worlds, for the last 20 years, I have come to the understanding that most if not all dis-ease, of ourselves, and our planet, comes from the ground we grow our food in and the water we use and the air we breathe.

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, our planet has been bombarded with toxins, chemicals, pesticides and the the outcome of that is de-natured soils, poor air and water quality. The results of these outcomes are the worst where our children are concerned.

Americans have one of the highest diabetes rates in the world and Hawaiian children lead the pack. We have the most obese and sick children in the Western World. And this is the #1 country in the world? The Superpower? The wealthiest nation? Well, if that's the case, we certainly don't look after our own very well.

At least 1/2 can't afford our health insurance and those that can are paying at least a 1/3 or a 1/4 of their total income, to do so. There's something wrong with this picture!

I just heard a PBS story about an 18 year old who is a petty thief gone bad, a criminal on the run. He has a fan base of 16,000+ on Facebook, all cheering him on. A modern day 'robin hood'. He's stolen airplanes and flew them and crashed them and walked away without a scratch. And he had no flying experience.

He grew up without much in the way of possibilities, at least that's what he thought. He was raised in a trailer and started this life by stealing food and blankets, as a child! What does this say? That we don't provide the basics well enough for our families? How do we avoid situations like this in the future? How do we provide enough food and warm shelter for our Children?

Sure there are government programs but they don't seem to be doing enough when this nation has the most overweight kids in the world. And organized crime is now making millions off the shady healthcare schemes born of our economic situation, because people are desperate and our government doesn't seem to be providing the answers. YET!



There is enough FOOD for everyone, there is enough healthcare for everyone, it is just not distributed equitably nor understood that it is in each persons hands via the food and water they eat and drink.

If our poor and othewise incapables had their BASIC NEEDS met, there would not be organized crime schemes stealing millions from unsuspecting families who have the least amount of income anyway. If we fed our children healthy good food, they'd be healthier and less obese. If our economy wasn't taxing our homes and food so heavily, we might be able to afford a home and to buy food.

People need to take their lives back. The environment nees to be given back to itself.

So how do we do that? By PURIFYING - Cleaning up - what we have, and teaching how to do that. That brings me to FOOD! starting with THE SEED.




It is what is created by the coming together of the ripened ovule of gymnosperm and angiosperm plants which occurs after fertilization and some growth within the mother plant.

Some seed uses include:

  • The world's most important clothing fiber grows attached to cotton seed. Other seed fibers are from kapok and milkweed.
  • Many important nonfood oils are extracted from seeds. Linseed oil is used in paints. Oil from jojoba and crambe are similar to whale oil.
  • Seeds are the source of some medicines including castor oil, tea tree oil and the discredited cancer drug, Laetrile.
  • Many seeds have been used as beads in necklaces and rosaries including Job's tears, Chinaberry, rosary pea, and castor bean. However, the latter three are also poisonous.

Other seed uses include:

  • Seeds once used as weights for balances.
  • Seeds used as toys by children, such as for the game conker.
  • Resin from Clusia rosea seeds used to caulk boats.
  • Nematicide from milkweed seeds.
  • Cottonseed meal used as animal feed and fertilizer.


The SEED is the Genesis. The Beginning. A very good place to start. Going back to our origins. Where in history was our soil and water and air the best before it started to degrade?

Did you know that 3% of the Russian population now grow 51% of all the food for the entire country - right in their own backyards?

Why are the seeds being horded in a mountain on Greenland by some of the wealthiest people on the planet?

Why does Monsanto focus on SEEDS and changing them?

What do all people have in common - we eat from the Earth. We become what we EAT!

What are we eating? Dead Food. Pesticides. Chemical laced food. None of this kills us by itself, as it is in small amounts. However, we are witnessing today, the results of accumulation. This is what kills us, when we have a build-up - that becomes volatile, a chemical cocktail with results we won't even know about for another decade or so.

How many new diseases have we seen 'spring up' in the last 30 years? Ones we have never seen before. Why? New chemicals being introduced into our environment every day - 500 every day for 30 years is 15,000 new chemicals. Sounds like a 'time-bomb' to me. And it's evident in our bodies and in our environment.



Hawaiian soils, water and air get cleaned up and become pristine again. The world takes notice. They start booking more trips to come see what we've done and how we got here. They stay for long visits to purify themselves with our healthy food and water and air. They learn in classes and hands-on experiential training alongside our farmers - the indigenous and those who came later, working together.

They go home renewed and teach those around them what they've learned, by their healthy example. They are inspired to start their own farms. They are inspired to start their own green businesses from Clean Energy Technology to Soil & Water restoration, replanting and more. Universities curricula are 75% GREEN and RESTORATION oriented classes.

There becomes a 'waitlist' for visitors. We have to turn people away, as they are so unhealthy, on America's mainland and in other countries and they want what we have. They want what we have taken the INITIATIVE to do. . . To Clean up our act and we end up proving that it can work - 1 family at a time, 1 day at a time and all of us working together.



We are unique in America, as we are in the islands and have so many indigenous people, who were here first. We have a head start. These are people that already have a history of living close to the land and know how to respect it, without fooling it.

Now, of course there has been a lot of history since then and relations have been strained ever since. I believe THE SEED


Working together to heal our environment that we are so reliant upon.

We are the most isolated land from any other land in the world. We have the unique opportunity to come together, to lead the way, to lead the nation, with what is possible, in turning the tide of today's problems. Why?


We are the ones we've been waiting for !

In Hawai'i, we are small. We can start with one island at a time, 1 kid at a time.

We are isolated, further from any landmass than any other. Why did Monsanto choose us to begin their Genetic Modification Experimentation? Being isolated makes us vulnerable as well.

If anything else happened to our economic system, like what happened on 9/11; planes and boats were stopped for 2 days and people were in a frenzy as to where their food was going to come from. In a place where there CAN BE so much ABUNDANCE !!

  • We have SUN and WIND in which to grow every day of the year.
  • We are relatively 'self-governed' as compared to the rest of the nation.
  • We have the LAND in which to grow all that we need.
  • We have the WATER - in almost unlimited supply as we have 2 of the 'wettest' spots on the planet, at the moment.




Start growing some food, replanting trees, and watch what goes into your children's mouths. Create organic food buying clubs and learn about Cleansing the body of what has already gone in.

Start taking our lives back, by:

Creating community gardens for those who can't grow in their own backyard

Sign up for Courses that teach everything from Growing Food to New Green Technologies that will power our Future, Sustainably.

One person at a time, we can make a DIFFERENCE !!

a hui hou ~



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